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Top Ten Green Sources for Grey Water Recycling Info

What the heck is Grey Water?, you may find yourself asking...and if so, my friend, you have come to the right place!  "Grey Water" is household used water--the stuff that goes down the drains and normally either into the local sewer system or into your septic system.  All, that is, except for the water which is used to flush the toilets and some sources say the kitchen sink, due to organic matter which may end up in the drain--this is referred to as "Black Water", not to be confused with the Doobie Brothers' "Black Water", of course.

  • Why should we care about the water flowing into our sewer and septic systems--that's what they're made for, right?

Well, maybe...and maybe not.  Here in my home state of Florida, for instance, we have frequent drought situations, watering limitations, sinkholes due to redistributed water leaving cavernous holes--Florida is structured somewhat like an anthill, after all--lots of sand and tunnels down there.  So, why should we care?  Many reasons, including saving a few bucks on the water bill by using 'used' water for irrigation.

That was one of my reasons, anyway, which began last year when I installed rainbarrels to collect the rainwater which is so abundent at certain times of the year, while not so for the rest. 

Still, it seemed that there must be more I could do--all that water the washing machine uses, for instance--what about diverting that into the garden?  The search for answers was on!  And here is what I have found:

And there you have it--from the simplest bucket recycling system, right on up to an entire wetland project!  And, following are some other GREAT blog posts on the subject of greywater recycling.  So...what are you waiting for?  Get on out there and ReUSE, ReCycle, ReCLAIM!

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    Dec 29, 2007 ... It's the ultimate in recycling! You can now re-tap your tap water with a grey water reclamation system.You may think that once you turn on ...
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  • The Greywater Guerrillas are a collaborative group of educators, designers, ... Greywater is water that flows down sink, shower, and washing machine drains, ...
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    Greywater systems. Remember, there are three different levels of Green Home Certification using the third party certification programs in the ...
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    Top Ten Green Sources for Grey Water Recycling Info
    What the heck is Grey Water? you may find yourself asking… and if so, my friend, you have come to the right place! "Grey Water" is household used water--the stuff that goes down the drains and normally either into the local sewer… more
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