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Tarpon Springs Tides

Tides for Tarpon Springs, Anclote River July 1-7, 2007.


Day       High/Low     Tide Time  Height (ft)  Sunrise/Sunset    Moon  Time     % Moon Visible
Su   1     	High   	2:50 M     	2.5   	6:38 AM     		Set  7:23 AM      	99      
        1      Low   	7:56 AM     	1.6   	8:32 PM    		Rise  9:51 PM
        1     High   	1:17 PM     	3.4 
        1      Low   	8:55 PM    	-0.2  
M    2     	High   	3:24 AM     	2.5   	6:38 AM     		Set  8:27 AM      	98
       2      Low   	8:39 AM     1.5   	8:32 PM    		Rise 10:32 PM
       2     High   	2:00 PM     3.4
       2      Low   	9:32 PM    -0.2
 Tu  3     	High   	3:56 AM     2.6   	6:39 AM     		Set  9:31 AM      	93 
      3      Low   		9:23 AM     1.4   	8:32 PM    		Rise 11:09 PM
      3     High   		2:45 PM     3.3      	
      3      Low  		10:08 PM    -0.1  
W    4     	High   	4:27 AM     2.6   	6:39 AM     		Set 10:34 AM      	87 
        4      Low  	10:10 AM     1.3   	8:32 PM    		Rise 11:42 PM
       4     High   	3:35 PM     3.2
      4      Low  		10:46 PM     0.1
Th   5     	High   	5:00 AM     2.7   	6:39 AM     		Set 11:37 AM      	79 
      5      Low  		11:03 AM     1.2   	8:32 PM
      5     High   		4:31 PM     2.9
      5      Low  		11:26 PM     0.4
  F    6     High   	5:35 AM     2.8   	6:40 AM    		Rise 12:14 AM      	69
        6      Low  	12:02 PM     1.0   	8:32 PM     		Set 12:39 PM
       6     High   	5:38 PM     2.7 
Sa   7      	Low  		12:09 AM     0.7   	6:40 AM    		Rise 12:47 AM      	59 
       7     High   	6:15 AM     2.9   	8:32 PM     		Set  1:42 PM
      7      Low   		1:10 PM     0.8      
      7     High   		6:59 PM     2.4  
Courtesy of:  www.SaltWaterTides.com

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Tides for Tarpon Springs, Anclote River July 1-7, 2007. Day High/Low Tide Time Height (ft) Sunrise/Sunset Moon Time % Moon Visible Su 1 High 2:50 M 2. 5 6:38 AM Set 7:23 AM 99 1 Low 7:56 AM 1. 6 8:32 PM Rise 9:51 PM 1 High 1:17 PM 3. 4… more
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