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short sale: Guidelines for Short Sales Announced--Are You Underwater? - 12/03/09 11:59 AM
Government Announces Short Sales Guidelines The U.S. Treasury Department announced new guidelines this week designed to make short sales go more smoothly. Scheduled to launch in April 2010, the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program (HAFA) ... (1 comments)

short sale: What WOULD Happen if More Homeowners Chose a Strategic Walk-Away? - 11/30/09 08:10 PM
A recent report on CNBC highlights a controversial subject:
What if homeowners treated their homes and mortgages the way that business treats their non-performing assets?
See the report:

What are your thoughts? Would YOU walk away if it made more financial sense? What would the financial impact be on ... (4 comments)

short sale: SHORT SALES Just Got Easier in CA--Why Not for the Rest of us?!? - 09/24/09 01:01 PM
For once I agree with something happening on the West Coast regarding Real Estate--they just passed SB 306, which requires lenders to respond (accept, reject, or deny) IN WRITING within 21 days to a short sale request (with full documentation, of course).  That's not all, of course, there's also something about ... (6 comments)

short sale: Who Knows How to Deal With Chase on a WaMu 2nd (Short Sale)? HELP!! - 09/15/09 05:09 PM
Here's the background:
This is the FOURTH time I've sold this house--the first three times the 1st (Countrywide, now Bank of America) took so long to work it through their system I lost each buyer prior to closing.  The current offer on the table, approved by BofA and Freddie Mac after ... (1 comments)

short sale: What's Quick About a Short Sale? - 09/15/09 01:05 PM
I guess we all know the answer to that one by now:  Nothing!  There's nothing "short" about a short sale--ask me, as a person of diminutive height, I can tell you that short sales are nothing about shortness!  So, where from did this term derive, anyway?
Well, put simply, the real ... (5 comments)

short sale: Beacon Wood Beauty - A Pool Home with Extras! - 07/30/09 11:11 AM

short sale: Aniee, DON'T Get Your Gun!! - 07/29/09 01:31 PM
I met Aniee last year--she called on one of my listings, looking for something she could purchase as a lease-option.  I could tell right away she was a 'can-do' kind of a person, her enthusiasm and sparkle (yes, I said sparkle!) virtually crackles right through the phone when she's happy.
Today ... (5 comments)

short sale: It's a FEEDING FRENZY--the Bottom Feeders are out--Are We At Bottom?!? - 07/03/09 09:10 AM
There has been so much activity lately of the 'shadier' sort here in Pinellas County, Florida--I thought it pertinent to mention yet again some of the scams which have surfaced, proving yet again that greed really brings out the worst in many.
From Trulia this morning:
Our house is getting ready ... (1 comments)

short sale: Pinellas County Distressed Properties - Do You Owe More On Your House Than It's Worth? - 02/16/09 05:51 PM
Continuing the process of learning as much as I possibly can about my local market and how best to help those caught in the pinch of the mortgage crisis and subsequent foreclosures resulting, I've been compiling statistics in an effort to hopefully sooth some fears.
Nationwide, the statistics of homeowners who are ... (0 comments)

short sale: Want to Buy a Home in Pinellas County for Less Than $500 Per Month?!? - 01/27/09 05:10 PM
Seriously--with Largo's down-payment assistance program, which gives qualified first-time homebuyers up to $35,000 in down payment assistance, if that were to be applied to one of the foreclosure or short sale homes available RIGHT NOW in Largo (tour a couple below), your mortgage payment would be in the ballpark of under ... (0 comments)

short sale: The Cottages of Lake St. George - Palm Harbor, Florida Affordable Community - 09/09/08 08:41 PM
Lake St. George is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Pinellas County, Florida, because of its proximity to both downtown St. Pete and Tampa, the lovely white-sand beaches in Tarpon Springs, Dunedin, and Clearwater, and the best schools in Pinellas County.
This adorable cottage can be had for less than it ... (0 comments)

short sale: HELP!! I'm Lost in Countrywide Short Sale HELL...and NOW--SAXON?!? - 08/21/08 01:14 PM
I spent two hours on the phone with Countrywide Short Sale Department yesterday--no, I take that back, I spent hours ON HOLD attempting to speak with a negotiator for Countrywide.  I did speak with FOUR different people, and the first was actually trying to put me through to the negotiator, Norberto ... (8 comments)

short sale: Sea Pines in Hudson | Lovely Waterfront Community with Boat Access - 07/29/08 10:51 PM

Be sure to tell us how many tickets you'll need, the cost for the entire day will be only $25 per person. Thanks for your interest, and best wishes in your home search.
For ... (2 comments)

short sale: Sea Pines Golf and Gulf Front Community ~ Conservation Lot - 07/28/08 07:00 PM
Sea Pines in Hudson, Florida - Great Gulf Access, Golf Course Community, Discount Pricing! 
This is one GREAT home, and one really HUGE deal--for less than you can rent a lovely 2/2/2 home like this, you could be buying THIS one!

To GET TICKETS for the next FORECLOSURE ... (0 comments)

short sale: Do I Know Short Sales?!? Yep--I Even (co)Wrote the BOOK! - 07/21/08 09:01 PM
"Should I Short Sale My Home?"
It's a question on the minds of thousands of homeowners right now, especially the "upside-down"ers out there, who've got more mortgage than house, which is why I have chosen to represent these folks, who most need expert advice right now. 
Short Sale and Home Loss ... (6 comments)

short sale: Shame on You, Suze!! Bad Advice--Bad, BAD Advice! - 07/10/08 10:11 AM
Apparently now Suze Orman (whom under most circumstances I believe gives good, sound, basic financial advice), has joined the ranks of the MIS-Advisor--like Kramer, whom I also used to revere, in front of millions of Americans on Larry King Live, she has blithely thrown out the advice to an upside-down homeowner ... (11 comments)

short sale: Which Would YOU Rather--FIVE Years or ONE Year? - 06/24/08 03:41 PM
If you or anyone you know are considering "letting go" of your home to foreclosure--be sure you know ALL the facts first!  The rules are changing, and have changed--used to be the difference between a Short Sale and a Foreclosure was about a hundred points on your credit, and a year ... (0 comments)

short sale: Foreclosure Bus Gets REAL! This One's No VIRTUAL TOUR... - 06/19/08 06:21 PM
That's right--we're gearing up for the FIRST Tampa Bay area Foreclosure Bus Tour in RealTime (this one's no Virtual Tour):
Imagine yourself owning your own home instead of paying rent to a landlord, and saving thousands of dollars at the same time!  Imagine saving money on your income taxes and building ... (6 comments)

short sale: Foreclosure Scams On the Rise~Caveat Emptor~Let the (Short)Seller Beware! - 06/04/08 02:35 PM

short sale: The Foreclosure Virtual Bus Recap ~ Pasco County - 04/02/08 09:26 AM


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